Joyful Lynne's Original gourmet all-purpose seasoning blend is where it all started!
This blend offers a unique flavour that will light up your palate. Great on chicken, steak,
in soup, on sandwiches, and more!


Joyful Lynne's Gourmet Rub is an all-purpose seasoning that tenderizes and flavours your favourite cut of meat to perfection - including beef, pork & chicken. Great on the grill too! Bring out the best in any cut of meat with our premium gourmet rub.


Joyful Lynne’s Bacon Seasoning is an excellent all-purpose spice blend that will spice up your life. Great on eggs, in soups, on chicken, popcorn, pork tenderloin, in salads and more! 

Joyful Lynne's Maple Bacon all-purpose seasoning is a true Canadian Classic best used on roasted chicken, pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes, salads and more!

Joyful Lynne’s Sweet & Spicy all-purpose gourmet blend is outstanding on ribs, chicken, burgers, salads, soups & more.
Want to bring flavour & quality together?
This high quality seasoning is for you!


Joyful Lynne’s Original Caesar Rim is a flavourful
rimmer that balances taste and essence.
Bacon Caesar Rim has the right mix that keeps
you coming back for more! Delicious. Fun. Unique.

Maple Bacon Caesar Rim is an excellent choice for bacon lovers - a true Canadian Classic!
Sweet & Spicy Caesar Rim has a bold & beautiful 
flavour. Those who try it will not be disappointed.

Don't forget to try one of our new
Bloody Mary Mixes!


Joyful Lynne's Gourmet  National Executive Chef, Donald Ouellette,  shares his Gourmet Rub & Maple Bacon technique while preparing smoked chicken. For more like this, visit our YouTube channel.


What sets Joyful Lynne's apart?

  • Commitment to produce a quality product.

  • Expertise from a  National Executive Chef,  with over 30 years experience.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Meet all delivery expectations throughout North America.

  • Competitive wholesale & retail pricing. 

  • Experienced professional sales team.

  • Proven track record in the food industry.

  • Custom blending & production models.

  • State-of-the-art test kitchen.

  • Amazing customer service.


Joyful Lynne's Gourmet has a working relationship with many of the world's leading spice producers. Inquire today about business opportunities with Joyful Lynne's Gourmet!

Joyful Lynne's Gourmet can work with you on many levels, whether you're a retailer, consumer, food services operator, or re-seller. 


We offer wholesale, private label, and retail opportunities. We also offer private label product development for customers seeking to expand their food service operations, lead by our
National Executive Chef, Donald Ouellette.

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